My name is Lucas Barbieri, I am a photographer and the creator of Barbieri Photo.



Since my youth I’ve always had an artistic mindset. I grew up with a family in architecture, my schooling was in design but my passion was in photography. Since 1999, my career has been design, advertising and branding so delivering visuals with a results driven goal in mind is what I know. When shooting I always keep in mind how a photo will be used which may involve text, logos and other elements. It was no surprise that I would love seeing through a lens and decided that photography would be a large part of my life.



In photography understanding artistic visual elements is highly important. These elements are my developed skills through my background and extensive experience with design. Knowing how to use composition, shapes, negative space, color, hierarchy, light, and visual communication is my advantage to truly accomplish visual goals.



For years I’ve obtained high-end equipment, excellent retouching skill and vast experience to provide professional level photography and video to my clients. I’ve worked on photo/video shoots for multiple brands in various industries including food, restaurants, Facebook, hospitality, architecture, consumer goods, retail, Chosen Foods and others. In this I have been successful and will continue to strive for excellence.

Previous Clients

Asher Cafe
Bakery 2.0
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Big Front Door
Bing Haus
Boba Tea Cafe
BO-Beau Kitchen
Cafe Hue
Cake Pop Shop
Carnitas Snack Shack
Chicken Charlies
Chosen Foods
Coaster Saloon
Cohn Restaurant Group
Coo Coo Nest
Crack Shack
Cravory Cookies
Dirty Birds
Donut Bar
Draft Republic

Gaglione Bros
Hi Poke
IC Monster
Island Prime / C Level
Love Boat Sushi
Luigis Pizza
Marriott Hotels
Nomad Donuts
Northside Shack
Not Not Tacos
OB Noodle House
Olympic Cafe
Pacific Social
Pearl Dragon Sushi
Petes Seafood

Plantation House Maui
Pop Pies
Princess Pub
Ranchwood BBQ
S3 Coffee
Sam the Cooking Guy
Taco Stand
Taco Taco
The Food Shop
Tisane Tea
Tribute Pizza

Behind the Scenes